New version - new features

May 15, 2012

New lxmed version is out! It is called lxmed-20120515 reflecting the build date. This version brings additions such as undo/redo functionality as well as Cut, Copy and Paste commands.

Feel free to try the new version and report any wishes, bugs or problems on our forum.

'Another instance running...' fixed

January 9, 2012

After receiving a number of complains on Another instance running... error, I decided to upload a new version which won't generate this kind of error. It is now available for download in Download tab.

Beside this, there are no changes in the new version, so if your current application can start, there is no need to download the new one.

Version lxmed-20110717 available for download

Jul 17, 2011

This version has some support of showing an application's icon (when full path to icon is known). Also, since lxmed now reads OnlyShowIn and NotShowIn fields, visibility status is fixed when viewing menu items in main window (bold=visible, regular=not visible).

Application now works normally in SuSe linux (in prior versions gksu was used which doesn't exist in SuSe). It has been tested in lubuntu, Mint, SuSe and Arch linux.

New version available for download

May 23, 2011

A new version lxmed-20110523 has been available for download. A new version installs application's bin file to /usr/local/bin folder instead of /bin folder like before.

Also, this version reads .svg files, altough it does not display them.

Stable version available

April 26, 2011

A new version has been available for download. Bugs found in 20110423-beta version have been fixed.

Beta available

April 23, 2011

Beta version of LXMenuEditor has been available for download. This is the first version released to public.

Please notice that the icon selection part of the application is not completed and not tested properly.

If you notice any bugs please report them to our forum at bug reporting section.

Project description

lxmed is a small, simple, free, open source, easy to use application that allows you to customize the LXDE menu.

lxmed is very useful for people that want to create their own, customized menus for LXDE.

lxmed is written in the Java programming language.