About LXMenuEditor

LXDE is one of the most lightweight available environments. It has various components such as LXAppearance, LXPanel, LXSession, etc. which provide GUI for customizing it. However, no tool for customizing main menu was provided. Instead, you had to manually edit .desktop files located in /usr/share/applications or other folders to adjust your main menu the way you feel.

LXMenuEditor brings GUI for adjusting main menu without any knowledge about folder and file structure which stands beyond main menu. All this is kept under the hood and you can only concetrate on menu items you want to customize.

LXmed (code name for LXMenuEditor) is written in Java. This editor can also be used to customize GNOME's main menu and menus of other enviroments, altough it's specially designed for the LXDE environment.

You can visit our project page at sourceforge.

Project description

lxmed is a small, simple, free, open source, easy to use application that allows you to customize the LXDE menu.

lxmed is very useful for people that want to create their own, customized menus for LXDE.

lxmed is written in the Java programming language.